Big Ass Bars of Soap – 4each at 10oz WWII design packaging.

  • Naval Supremacy - Refreshing Ocean Scent, “Naval Supremacy Starts in Your Shower”
  • Victory - It’s Just a Clean Scent, “Victory is In Your hands”, Get Some.
  • Productivity Wins - A Fresh Mint Scent to Help Him Wake Up and Get Things Done.
  • Buffalo Trace - A Rich, Bourbon Oak Barrel Scent, 10oz. 

Soap on a Rope – Tactical Scrubber - This U.S. Military Grade Tactical Soap Pouch Should be Standard Issue For Every Shower.

Offensively Large Lip Balm - No Bubble Gum Flavor Here! .56 oz nearly 4X Larger Than Most Lip Balm. Premium, Natural, Organic Products, SPF 15.

Bloody Knuckles Hand Repair, Made w Lanolin, for Hands of Workers, Fighters and World Champs!! 5oz.

Duke Cannon Man Care

SKU: PMP33001
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