With this delightful, tongue-in-cheek guide for men who can win a case before the Supreme Court or run a conglomerate but can’t find the butter, Ms. McHugh provides a step-by-step guide for making breakfast, emptying the dishwasher, finding the clothes hamper and doing the laundry, along with an assortment of other domestic necessities.

She continues with wise advice for men whose wives are pregnant—“How to Live with a Pregnant Wife Without Complaining about Anything While Making Her Feel Sexy and Desirable At All Times”, tells them how to go without sleep for three months after the baby is born, and finishes up with “How to Watch Football and the Baby at the Same Time.”

A chapter on taking care of three small boys while staying sane should be on every young father’s emergency list for times when his wife is out of town on business or visiting her mother in Iowa.

And finally, instructions on answering a ringing telephone, folding shirts for a business trip and finding his wallet, keys, glasses, socks and underwear are absolute must-reads for every man who thinks some invisible being does all those things.

Aimed at busy women of all ages, this book will also make grown men laugh and might even be useful when they run out of underwear.

Author Bio

Mary McHugh has written 17 books—seven serious books on subjects ranging from feminism to growing up as the sibling of someone with a disability; and 10 humorous books on everything from Little Old Ladies and Crotchety Old Men to 365 Reasons to Stop Dieting. Her humor books have sold over 150,000 copies.

Mary worked as an editor for three national magazines and at The New York Times’ supplements: Sophisticated Traveler, Men’s and Women’s Fashion and Interior Design. She was a Contributing Editor for Cosmopolitan where she wrote about successful women and how they got to be so successful.

She also wrote for The New York Times Magazine, Good Housekeeping and Family Circle, among others.

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